Saturday, 18 February 2012

Not much to show today!

I am struggling a lot right now - feeling like everything is on top of me!  Trying hard not to let the past bite me on the bum! Just did these in an effort to keep my hands and brain occupied!  They're not brilliant but not bad for a novice flower maker.  Practice makes perfect!!

The flowers images were a free download from Jak Heaths free download

Thanks Jak xx

Ooops- everyone thinks I am Jak!!!  I am just thanking Jak for the images lol!!!

Thanks for the images Jak!! Love from Lea xx ;-) 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hubbys Valentine Card

Happy Valentines Day hunny!!!

Image from Crafts U print (again!!).  Backing paper from stash and the insert (below) is just printed from Word with the little loveheart image from Clipart!

I expect I will get one from Wilkies from him!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Very Quick Card

For a friend whose beloved dog had a massive heart attack on the operating table whilst having knee surgery!  They are devastated!

Noah's Ark Challenge

This is my entry into the above challenge! Its also my very first shaker card.  The only criteria for the challenge was that there must be two of the same creatures on it.  Bumble Bees!! The images are part of a Cuddly Buddly free download - thank you!  I hope you like it.  Thanks for looking.  Lea xx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

1st attempt at Decopatch

Decided to have a go at something new that is not too difficult to do with your leg in the air! Decopatch.  I have wanted to have a go at this for a while but was inspired by purplenikki's Inspiration Jar on her blog!

I started with a tiny trinket box as I had never done it before (apart from newspaper on a balloon **** years ago at school!!).  This is why I chose pink - although it is my favourite colour - so that my grand-daughter can use it in her bedroom to put trinkets in. Here it is!!

 As I was actually quite happy with that I progressed to the jar.  This was a fruit pastille jar that someone bought into work for Christmas goody time.  Of course I bagged it when it was empty with the immortal  words " I could do something with that!!".  And, thanks to Nikki, I have! Well, I have started anyway! Have asked her for some advice on doing the lid :s.  Again - here it is! Will update when its finished!!

Hope you like!! Lea xx