Tuesday, 8 May 2012

BlogPrompt Day 8

The prompt today is about what book we are reading and how it inspires, or has inspired, craft!

I can't say that I have a connection between what I read and my craft - at least so far!!  I didn't read much for many years as I was too busy drinking and by the time I got to bed I would crash out straight away! Yes, drinking really does affect EVERYTHING in life!! So now I am really enjoying reading when I go to bed again.  My interests are many and varied and I get my books from the library.  I tend to mooch around until I see something that catches my eye - unless someone has recommended something to me.

At the moment I am reading a true story by Susan Lewis called One Day at a Time.  The author had a difficult time at boarding school where she was sent after her mother died and her father thought it would be good for her.  I am not too impressed with it really cos I feel its a bit light and hardly classic literature!!  I had just finished reading Jane Boleyn's biography so I guess I went from one extreme to another.

I will finish the book because I don't like to leave a book unfinished but I will find something a bit meatier next time! xxx


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