Saturday, 1 September 2012

Busy busy

I haven't been crafting much lately but I DO have to do Lily's birthday card!! I have (as some may know) just signed up to the Open University to do a degree.  I haven't studied for at least 25 years and its going to take me 6 years - IF all goes to plan.  I am quite excited but terrified too and at the moment I am trying desperately to get my head around the course materials for the first module.  The panic will, I hope, wear off and I will get myself into a regime that will include free time and craft time!

For now, I have started this image from Tiddlyinks for Lily's card but I have only done the hair! It's called Magda and Sparkles.  I had the image for ages but was terrified of doing it! Lol! (Seem to be spending a lot of time being terrified lately!!)

Now I have done the hair and I am pleased with it - I am scared to go on and colour the rest for fear of spoiling it!!! Aw well..........................................I have till 17th September as I am going away on the 18th and I want to post it before I leave!

Thanks for looking! Lea xx